Why am I, a computer science graduate, writing a blog?

I've never considered myself to be much of a writer. However, I do enjoy putting my thoughts into words and I consider it to be a skill. This blog will help me keep that skill sharp. I also wanted a single set of coordinates where you can find my views and opinions. A repository of sorts. Considering how busy I tend to be, I am sure this blog will not be updated on the regular. However, I do hope you learn something while you're here. If you have any article requests, let me know!

I'm a final year computer science student who is passionate about the field I am in. I love learning about quirky and random things. I am also very fond of the humble South Indian snack, dose. You can read about some of my dose adventures and attempts to document it. I also like long distance running and occasionally read philosphy. I consider myself to be an amateur photographer. All pictures you see on this blog are captured by me. To see more of my shots, you can follow me on Instagram. Some might say I have strong opinions but tabs over spaces always.

This blog is for documentation purpouses only and all views expressed are my own. All rights reserved. If you have any comments or objections, feel free to contact me.